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English Speaking Bible Study Group Marburg

Are you an English speaking person who lives in Marburg for some month or for years? Are you interested in Christian faith and do you like to have fellowship with other Christians?

Then you are very welcome to drop in and join us. No matter what nationality, language level, age and occupation- we’re looking forward to meeting you.

We meet (mostly) every Wednesday at 19 h [due to your schedules the date could change next semester] at the Schwanallee 37 in Marburg (Evangelische Gemeinschaft Marburg Süd- close to the bus stop Radestraße) for
worship, discussion, prayer, fellowship, sharing life and faith together, fun activities, meeting new people, encounters with God, getting to know each other…

and all that in English 🙂

Marburg English Speaking Bible Study Group

It would be great to welcome you!

It might be that we skip a meeting or that we change location so it would be best to send a short Email to [] to keep informed. And of course: You can also email us if you have any questions.
It would be great to have you with us!
Julia & Katja

English Speaking Bible Study Group Marburg