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Christian Endeavor (CE) can be found in 29 countries all around the world – and one of these countries is Germany. Here, Christian Endeavor (CE) runs under the name Entschieden für Christus (EC) – which basically means the same thing: ‚Decided(ly) for Christ‘.

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Our group, ec-jems (Entschieden für Christus – Junge Erwachsene Marburg-Süd, literally „Christian Endeavor – Young Adults Marburg South“), is one of many CE youth ministries in Germany. We (usually) meet on Friday at 7 pm in the youth rooms at our chapel at Schwanallee 37 in Marburg (Evangelische Gemeinschaft Marburg Süd – close to the bus stop Radestraße) for worship, discussion, prayer, fellowship, sharing life and faith together, fun activities, meeting new people, encounters with God, getting to know each other … AND YOU ARE DEFINITELY WELCOME! (Note, however, that while many of us can speak English to various degrees of fluency, activities at our congregation are offered in German language.)

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As you may have guessed already, our group is called „Marburg South“, since ec-jems is a part of Evangelische Gemeinschaft Marburg-Süd, a protestant congregation in the Southern Quarter (Südviertel) of the city of Marburg.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to

Finally, here are some important points that reflect our beliefs as Christians. If the bulk of them seems too daunting to you right now, don’t worry and just come by and have look at our group in person – and see how we (try to) live what we believe in.

We believe that all young people:

  • are loved and are unconditionally welcomed by God;
  • are created by God for service and significance;
  • are called by Jesus Christ for mission and ministry;
  • are vital to the life of the church of Jesus Christ.

Christian Endeavor aims at:

  • encouraging young people to commit their lives to the service of Jesus Christ;
  • training and equipping young people to live daily for Jesus Christ and to serve in his church, in their communities, and the world;
  • mobilizing and empowering Christian young people to build the Kingdom of God;
  • providing fellowship to grow in Christian faith and life.

Just come by! If you have any more questions, we’re happy to help you – see contact.


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